Keeping a dog or a puppy requires a considerable commitment in money, time and energy. It’s thus imperative to be sure that you’re indeed ready before taking a dog pet to your home. It’s also important that you carefully consider the dog’s needs, both present, and future. However, the adoption of a puppy and a dog differ immensely as each has its own challenges. Undoubtedly the following are some of the things that you should consider before adopting a dog or a puppy.

Adoption of Puppies

Some of the critical considerations to make when adopting puppies include new equipment such as bowls, toys and leashes, training and socialization, spraying and neutering and vaccination. Unlike adult dogs, puppies’ immune system is not fully developed and may have immediate medical needs. Some of them may not be potty-trained, and you’ll thus have to encounter some accidents.

Adoption of Adult Dogs

One of the advantages of adopting adult dogs is that they’re usually vaccinated, spayed and neutered. They must have undergone some training and have grasped some basic commands. A reputable shelter or rescue group always trains dogs within their care to be social and well behaved. This is done to increase the likelihood of being adopted.

Unlike puppies, adult dogs require mental stimulation as well as exercises to keep them active. It’s thus essential that you keep up with them with their social life. If you are not around for most of the day, then it may be necessary to hire a dog wire or a pet sitter if you travel for a few days.

Adoption of Senior Dogs

Due to their relaxed nature, senior dogs do not require extreme exercises like adult dogs or puppies. They, however, may have health issues that may require attention. If you adopt a senior, then you have to prepare yourself for an end-of-life care period. Their induction to home is easy as they have been living with humans are likely to be attached easily. They’re particularly ideal for senior owners who a companion to cuddle with little management efforts.

Preparing Your Family Before Adopting a Dog

It is really important that you discuss this with your family and have a common consensus before you bring a dog home. Outline everyone’s responsibilities, making sure that you identify the primary caretaker, the walker, who will bath it, the feeder, among other duties. Prepare other pets as well to get along with the new dog. If need be, invite a friend to come over to your house with a dog. Plan how to share resources without offending the other fur family members.

As for the home, there are a number of decisions you’ll have to take. Make sure everything is ready for the arrival of the new pet. Identify the place where the new pet will sleep, relieve itself, and who will clean it. Have enough supplies of doggy beds, crates, water bowls, food, toys, collar and leashes and in some instances, baby gates. Puppies are playful, so remember to set up a play area, preferably on a hard surface floor.