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Our prime objective is to place rescued greyhounds into caring and responsible homes.  Some of our rescues have a sad history of neglect and cruelty. Some have passed from one place to another like discarded toys and are desperate for a secure future. It is our duty to ensure that they will not suffer again.  People wishing to acquire a dog visit us with their own individual needs.  Some are heart-broken at the loss of a beloved dog; others are new to greyhound ownership; some are very active; others pursuing a more sedentary life-style; some with young families; some who are lonely and are seeking a best friend.  Most just come with compassionate hearts and the wish to offer a home to an animal in need.  We are careful to place the right dog in the right home, to ensure that the relationship is going to work for the happiness, health and benefit of all.  

We interview all prospective new owners very carefully at Northants Greyhound Rescue, assessing any previous history of pet ownership, facilities, life-style, short-term plans etc. and observe how they interact with the greyhound of their choice.  The financial implications of dog-ownership are discussed, and we make the family aware of any special needs, behaviour patterns and character traits, which the greyhound may have.

If we are satisfied that a good home could be provided, and the client has selected the dog most appropriate for their circumstances, we arrange for a home visit to be undertaken.  Mandy Hooker - the founder of Northants Greyhound Rescue, almost invariably carries out home visits. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness and efficiency of our assessment process.  It is a truly wonderful moment for all concerned when we watch one of our greyhounds trotting off happily to their new home with their excited human companions.  

Our adoption contract stipulates that in the event of the client being unable to keep their greyhound then they are returned to the care of N.G.R..  The high standard of our assessments and home visits ensure that returns are kept to a minimum.  Every dog is visited regularly throughout their life to ensure that the placement has been successful and that both the dog and the family are happy and have no problems.  We also encourage adopters to contact us for help and advice whenever they need it and also to support our work in any way they can.

We do our utmost to ensure that every dog is rehomed to someone with whom they will spend the rest of their life.  We could home more dogs by being less thorough about matching the dog to the owner, but this would undoubtedly result in more being returned to our kennels.  This would restrict our intake of dogs who are in desperate need and would also be confusing and upsetting for the returned dog, making him/her more difficult to home a second time. We are currently saving the lives of around 100 greyhounds annually.  Through our campaigning work we are also drawing public attention to the many dogs that are abandoned or destroyed annually in a nation of supposed animal lovers. We trust that by bringing this issue into the public arena, we will raise public awareness and compassion, and promote a commitment to bringing any abuse to an end.

The Adoption Process