It requires proper planning and preparation to bet on dogs. The quick nature of greyhounds live events may be implausible, but that does not deter punters from striking bets the moment dogs exit their traps. It’s increasingly becoming popular to bet on live greyhound events, the same way as it’s done on big events or casinos.

Numerous bookmakers such as Live Casino have exhibited an impeccable grasp of this industry. They understand the intricacies of watching and playing the live greyhound events, a reason why you should check them out.

The Possibility of Betting on Greyhounds Live

Generally, it’s very difficult to bet on dogs once they have set off from their traps. They race too fast around the turf to grant you an opportunity to place a bet as their positions are ever-changing. Whereas it is hard to stake a live bet online, there are bookies willing to watch as dogs race around and offer you an “in-play” bet. This is the only realistic way to gamble on live greyhounds online since most bookmakers tend to freeze the odds before the start of the race.

Greyhound Racing Streams

Greyhound events stream readily online and do not interfere with the betting process. What you need to do is identify your preferred bookmaker and place a small pre-race bet. You can then enjoy the racing experience as you await the outcome of your bet. You can as well watch the live events on TV at your local betting shop with other lads after you’ve placed a few bets. The thrill of a big win lies in celebrating it with other punters at the shop. Alternatively, after you’ve placed your bet at the local shop, retreat to your home and enjoy the thrill of the race from the comfort of your couch.

Importance of Watching Live Greyhounds

The gist of watching live greyhounds events lies in the way you feel the competition and drive you to get to determine which do you want to support. However, backing a dog due to its form and expert opinion is very different from judging the dog based on the hunger to win as portrayed by its eyes.

How to Watch Live Greyhounds Events

It’s very easy to watch live greyhound events. Firstly, log into your preferred bookmaker and select the event you wish to bet on. After you place the bet, you’ll be directed to the live greyhound racing link. Click on the television icon shown and hurray! You can now stream the sport. Streaming is usually in high definition, with every angle providing a good view of the game. They also have amazing, in-depth commentary to keep you glued to the screen. This is this best way to catch the greyhounds live event if you can’t make it to the track.


Live streaming of greyhounds via a given bookmaker entails payment of a small fee, which varies from one provider to another. This does not have to be overemphasised for as long you’re a gambler you’ll have to place a bet. There are those that will require you to bet 25p each way, while some have set it at £1 or £2, placed each way as £1. Once you’ve finalised the payment, you have access to the live feed to watch the game as you wish. The fee is fair enough considering that bookmakers too have to make money. However, there are still virtual streams where you can watch greyhounds free. The quality of service may not be as good as the payment option, but it still offers you a lot of fun. Still, it is also possible to watch live greyhound events on your TV.