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Greyhound Gala 7th September 2014

We held our annual Greyhound Gala on 7th September at the Holiday Inn, Crick. Once again we were blessed with a beautiful warm, sunny day and this brought with it a huge crowd. We had hundreds of beautiful dogs and our judges were kept busy with the very large classes.

Our stands did very well and at the end of the day, we raised just over £4820 for the dogs in our kennels. We work long and hard to make this event a success and this year was well worth all the effort. Our volunteers were brilliant, as usual, and  our thanks go to them for their time and commitment  all over the weekend. We are so grateful to everyone who came along to support us - owners, friends and dog lovers. You have helped to make a huge difference to our bank balance and to the dogs in our care. Thank you.

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Greyhound Gala 6th September 2015

This year’s Gala was held on 6th September and for the third year we used the Holiday Inn at Crick as the venue.

A combination of warm, sunny weather, hundreds of dogs and an array of super stands and stalls, made it one of our most successful Gala’s in 15 years. We raised the unbelievable amount of over £6000 - more than we could ever have hoped for. Given that we now have 45 dogs in our care - it was more than welcome!

I would like to thank our two judges, Sue Worrall and Linda Quinn for their hard work - it was a busy day for them both. My very grateful thanks to the NGR team for the huge effort they made over the weekend and of course, to our owners and friends for coming along in droves to support our work.

Greyhound Gala 28th August 2016

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Gala this weekend. It was lovely to see old and new friends, owners and supporters. We are grateful to our super judges, Jo and Sam who worked so hard, and all of the NGR and Homes For Hounds volunteers - it was a long and tiring two days, but we are a great team and I think all the effort paid off in the end!