Propertyof Northants Greyhound Rescue

Charity No 269668


The kennels usually house up to 40 dogs and are manned from 6.30am until 9.30pm each day.  The dogs are housed in compatible pairs or singly - if sharing is not an option for temperament or health reasons.  We endeavour to make sure that while a dog is with us he/she is as happy as possible.  We are supported by a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers who try to ensure that each dog has a daily walk. Some of the dogs (due to previous neglect and cruelty) are very traumatised and these are given extra special care and attention.  Others have behavioural problems to be addressed.  Some of our staff spend time doing corrective training and establishing a good relationship between dog and handler making for a happier and more homeable dog.

Our visitors frequently remark on how happy and relaxed our dogs appear to be.  Many people visit rescue centres apprehensive of finding row upon row of sad and frightened animals. At N.G.R. they are relieved to be greeted by bright eyes and wagging tails.

We have a policy of non-destruction, unless to prevent incurable suffering. All of our greyhounds remain with us for however long it takes to find them the right home.  The majority are placed very quickly; others may stay with us for some months.  The staff become particularly fond of our long-staying guests and regard them as very dear friends.

The Kennels