Greyhounds are a breed of dogs that have lean, athletic bodies, and are well-known for racing. For this reason, most people do not think they can make good pets, as they don’t quite fit the cute and cuddly perception that most people look out for. On the contrary, greyhounds make really wonderful home companions and here is why you should give them a chance:

They are Easy to Live With

Greyhounds are quiet and mostly laid back, making them perfect for a home with children. They don’t bark a lot as they are not territorial, which means you will enjoy a good sleep. Most of these dogs shed less hair, so you will not spend a lot of time lifting fur from your clothes, couch or floor. An occasional wash and one or two brushes a week is all it takes. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the usual ‘doggy’ smell.

Less Fuss for Uninterrupted Fun

The racing nature of greyhounds gives them an opportunity to interact with humans more often. Therefore, bringing them to your home will not be much of a fuss. They are calm, patient and friendly, so if you are someone accustomed to watch Premier League online over weekend afternoons, expect less disruption on the couch with the greyhound by your side.

They are a Healthy Breed

Greyhounds are considered to be the healthiest breed, given that they are selectively bred for racing. Unlike other breeds, greyhounds are known to live longer, with a life expectancy that range between 10 and 13 years. Nevertheless, the dogs have minimal health issues, hence you will get to enjoy their company for a longer time without worry of ailments.

If you were having doubts on whether to adopt a greyhound, well, there you have it – enough reasons to go for it!