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Britain has a serious problem of dog overpopulation.  Every day in this land of so called “animal lovers” about 2,000 healthy good-natured dogs are put to sleep simply because there are not enough homes for them.  There are rescues throughout the British Isles trying to reduce this problem by rescuing and rehoming unwanted dogs.  Nearly every rescue centre has greyhounds looking for homes, in addition to an assortment of German Shepherds, terriers, collies, crossbreeds etc.  It is often the case that the greyhounds remain in the kennels for longer than many of the other dogs.  The public perception of this breed is usually the reason they are not chosen.  

Many people have totally erroneous ideas about the greyhound as a companion animal. Greyhounds do not need the hours of strenuous exercise that so many people think they require.  In fact they are the couch potatoes of the dog world and most greyhounds are perfectly happy with a couple of 20-minute walks daily.  Most greyhounds can be left for reasonable periods of time to indulge in their favourite pastime of sofa snoozing. They are also very adaptable, gentle and sedate creatures and love home comforts.  They are ideal companions for young families or elderly people.  Greyhounds can often learn to live perfectly happily with other animals including cats and even rabbits.  People are usually astonished at how easy greyhounds are to have in the home and many of those who adopt a greyhound return to adopt another and become totally addicted to this wonderful breed.  


Greyhounds are bred in large numbers (both in Ireland and in this country) for the racing industry.  It has been estimated that each year around 10,000 greyhounds retire from the track or are unwanted for racing either due to injury or their inability or reluctance to chase.  This is a massive problem and the only national charity addressing the problem is the Retired Greyhound Trust, which is partly funded by the industry.  In spite of the tremendous efforts of many dedicated people within this charity, it is quite impossible for them to help more than a fraction of the many greyhounds which are retired annually.

We know the Greyhound to be the most gentle and loyal of dogs; loving and affectionate with those they trust, and it is with this in mind that we continually strive to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many as possible each year.

Why Greyhounds?